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IC-Agency was the only Swiss agency to be present at the Facebook EAd Summit in London on March 30th. As such, you will find below all the opportunities opened by Facebook we learned about. In addition, you will find some of the latest news from the Facebook 8 Summit in San Francisco which occurred April 21st.

Some introductory words

With more than 400 millions of users worldwide, Facebook is in the top 5 sites having the greatest volume of traffic.
Facebook is also in the top 5 sites where users spend the greatest amount of time with an average of 24 min per day on the site.
200 millions of Facebook users log in each day.

Facebook allows brands:
- to feed fans with their latest news
- interact with them
- learn from them
- build communities around their brands as large as the 6.4 millions fans of Starbucks or the 5.3 millions fans of Coca Cola

To build such a big community and learn from your fans, Facebook has developed a set of different ads and tools.

1. Engagement ads

Most ads usually appear in the green spot below:


- “Like” ad, previously “Become a Fan” ad
The “Become a fan” designation has now been replaced by “Like” so that users have a consistent mean to share their interests as Facebook explained.
The “Like” ad creates awareness for a brand on Facebook and encourages users to become a fan.

- Poll ad
Ask a question to Facebook users followed by a choice of 2-3 answers.
Allow a brand to do market research.

- Event ad
Invite Facebook users to participate to an event. Users can then forward the invitation to friends.

- Video ad
Invite Facebook users to watch a video and comment.

- Gift ad
Offer a gift to Facebook users and allow them to pass along the gift to their friends.

- Sample ad
Offer a sample of a new product or test product to Facebook users.

2. Facebook Application

Allow fans to order their favorite products and stay with their friends.


3. Facebook “Connect” = Newly renamed “Open Graph”

On the opposite, brands can build the community from their website instead of from Facebook.

Facebook has made available several social plugins that brands can integrate onto their site. Those plugins allow brands to build and interact with their community from their website, such as:

- Generic Facebook Button clip_image004 “text you want”
which lets the user decides how he or she wants to interact with a brand on Facebook.

- Facebook Like Button clip_image005
which allows users on any site to either say they like a brand content, share it with friends or become a fan.

- Facebook Share Button clip_image006
which allows users on any site to share content with their friends.

- Facebook Live Stream Box


This box placed on a brand website, especially for the purpose of an event, allows fans to interact together while watching an event.

Those social plugins are only a few of those one can integrate onto its website.

Facebook has announced during its F8 Summit that the development interface for those buttons and applications has been simplified for easier integration. Facebook plans on establishing a social graph of each individual to target them better, explaining the renaming of Facebook Connect into Open Graph. By being present on many websites through its social plugins, Facebook wishes to map what matters to individuals, provides those insights to brands through Facebook analytics and helps brands provide content that matters to their fans.

Final Words

Facebook dominance is growing over the whole Internet as more and more sites integrate social plugins from Facebook. Estimations say than 30% of major websites will have integrated Facebook plugins onto their website within a month.

Social media must be integrated into a brand online strategy as it is the place where users are and the place where brands can learn from them.

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