IC-Agency à l’affiche de la presse internationale

De prestigieux médias internationaux publient aujourd’hui leurs premiers articles sur l’horlogerie à l’occasion de l’ouverture de BaselWorld.

IC-Agency y est citée par le New York Times, Bloomberg et BusinessWeek :

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"In China, a quarter of all Internet searches for watch brands last year were for Omega, compared with Rolex’s 18 percent, according to IC Agency, which analyzed 500 million search queries in a study of 10 countries."

Lire l'article "Rolex’s Swiss Watch Hegemony Threatened by ‘Trendier’ Omega"


"Mr. Pedraza’s conviction rests on the notion that luxury shoppers fall into one of two broad categories, the status-driven and the pragmatists, and that brick-and-mortar retailers will always appeal to the former. David Sadigh, managing partner of the IC-Agency, a digital marketing firm based in Geneva, said, “Most haute horlogerie consumers would prefer to buy offline — that is the current pattern. But there is a segment more open to buy online. They would like to put their American Express card down and get their product as soon as possible.”

As Internet retailing continues to outperform other retail channels, both Mr. Pedraza and Mr. Sadigh are confident that more Swiss brands will embrace e-commerce, though, by the latter’s reckoning, they will primarily come from the mid-range segment."

Lire l'article "Watch Brands Signing on, Uneasily, for E-Tailing"

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